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Youth News
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Lessons for Feb. 2020

Dealing with Doubt (Part 3)
2-2-2020 -Grace

Remember God knows your questions, so be honest about them.
Having questions does not make you a bad person.
God is patient with you and wants to help.
                Bible verses we will look at:
James 1:5, John 20:27-31, 1John 5:13,  Col. 1:9 – Go to God in prayer and study the Bible.   Ps. 19:1, Job 23:10- Rely on FACTS, not feelings. Surround yourself with other Christian people who encourage you!
Be understanding to those who are in doubt, help them research and find the answer. Teach them what God has taught you with the patience of the Lord.
Fear (Part 1)
2-9-2020- Nancy
Everyone wrestles with some sort of fear. Even David had fear of the future. Saul became very jealous and tried to kill him, and that can put fear into anyone.
Bible verses we will look at:
1 Sam. 21:10-12, 1 Sam. 22:1 and 1 Sam 23:14-15.
In Psalm 34 David responds to the situation in which he found himself.
Bible verses we will look at:
Ps. 34:4, Ps. 34:8, Ps. 34:17-19.
Fear (Part 2)
This week we will look at the fear of failure. This fear can keep us from doing all that God has called and enabled us to do.
Moses struggled with the fear of failure.
Bible verses we will read:
Ex. 3:11-12, Ex. 4:1-9, Ex. 4:10-11, James 3:2, and Proverbs 24:16
Has God given you the ability or desire to do certain things that you do not do because of the fear of failure?

Fear (Part 3)
2-23-2020- Sue
Every new day seems to be filled with stories of bad things that have happened around the world, that can cause fear.
Bible verses we will read:
Ps. 23:4, Ps.46: 1-2, 2 Chron. 20:9,
1 Cor. 15:26, 55-57.
The thoughts of death can be very scary. We must realize that God is in control and that death is just the beginning of the eternity we will enjoy with God.