Is Easter over?
Well is it? Most churches are filled Easter morning. Choirs sing special music and Sunrise Services celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Kids have found all the hidden eggs, (we hope) and the candy in the stores are now half off, thanks be to God! But Easter is not really over. If the resurrection is something we celebrate only one Sunday a year, then everything we did was a waste of time. Our lives are changed because we have encountered the risen Lord and our actions should reveal that. When people see us, do they see the resurrected Christ living through us?
In the coming weeks we have opportunities to draw closer to God. In James 4:8 we are told when we do God draws near to us. Mark your calendar for the exciting things happening at Franklin in May.  On the 5th we will have St. James Male Chorus. On the 11th, the children will have a special cook out just as Jesus and the disciples had before He ascended. On the 12th is Mother’s Day.
On the 19th we will have a very special guest preacher, Doug Foxworth. That’s right, our own Doug will deliver the message. Although he has been a fine Sunday School teacher for years, this will be his first time in the pulpit. No pressure Doug, but you know we are all counting on you.
Please plan to attend all the activities you can.
    God Bless,
James Bost