It has been a while since I have had the honor of serving on Session. I was pleased to have been assigned to the Stewardship responsibility. During the year, I will try to keep our membership informed about our financial condition and about any special fund raising events that our Session deems worthy of our support.                        
 At present, Tom Pickett and I are conducting the annual audit of 2018 financial activity. This is a normal and responsible process and is required by PCUSA. This audit should be complete soon and a report of our review will be given to Session.                                                        
Our first Sunday of donations for our sister church, Lloyd Presbyterian, located in Winston Salem was amazing… over $600 !! We have one more Sunday (May 3) to participate in helping with this worthy cause. You may donate with a check payable to Franklin Presbyterian with a notation that it is for Lloyd Presbyterian or you may donate cash in the small manila envelopes provided and notate that it is for Lloyd Presbyterian.                                                   
 I look forward to serving with our wonderful Session and hopefully doing my part. Anytime you have a question or comment about Stewardship matters please contact me.                                   

                                                                                          Toby Morgan