Yay, Fall is finally here, although it’s hard to tell by the “heat wave” that is still with us. I’m looking forward to the many things that come with the Fall season. Cool weather, pretty leaves, maybe a trip to the mountains! You can dream too about your special enjoyment with this time of the year.
Fall season is exciting for our church family too. Homecoming, Cruise In event, Halloween trunk or treat, good fellowship and good joyful Sunday services!! Wow thank you Jesus!
Another part of the joy of Fall of the year is our opportunity to give back to the Lord a portion of what He has given to us. Whether it be giving of our personal time in service to others or committing a portion of our income to support our church, it is a joy to give generously. Why? Because you can never out give the Lord. He always blesses us with much more than we bless Him.
Soon we will begin Stewardship time and an opportunity to pledge your personal time and money to the glory of God. Our church depends on each of us to support the programs and activities. Look forward to this time to give back to God with joy and thankfulness.
Toby Morgan