The news for this month is that the audit of the financial records for 2018 found everything to be in good and accurate order. The audit reviewed the weekly money counting process, the activity of the current expense checking account and the account balance of ail the church's deposit accounts. We are glad to report that all the financial activity and accounting of income and expenses were well documented. Our staff and money counting teams are to be commended for their good work throughout the year!!!
Here is a brief update about our church's tithes and offerings for the year as of March 17. We have been blessed with total giving of $34,297.25 in tithes and offering. This more than covers our budgeted expenses [$32,670.00] for the same period. Good news to have collected more offering than we currently need to cover our expenses. Thanks be to our Lord!!!!!
                                                                                                                  Toby Morgan