It’s already November and winter is coming and we are moving out of Hurricane Season, thank goodness! We have all had our share of storms and many spent some time without power in our areas! These types of events cause us to reflect on how much we take it for granted when things are going good for us and our immediate families.
With the Fall and Winter seasons comes a few of my favorite opportunities to remain outside and get a little exercise. One of my favorite pass times is cutting fire wood as this allows Donna and I (along with Ruger our 1-year old German Shepard) to sit in front of a nice fire on the really cold days when being outside just isn’t any fun at all.  Nothing more peaceful than just sitting and watching the wood burn through the door, except for sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair sipping coffee and watching the wonders of the world that God created as the cool breeze moves across the fields and in the trees overhead.
On one of these such occasions sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch with a special friend of mine, He pondered on getting his very own wood burning stove for their mountain house. Naturally I agreed that this was a great idea!
So how in the world do you install a wood stove in a house with no chimney, who can you get to do this kind of work? Well, you do a lot of research on what kind of stove you need for the size of the house, and then you start putting together a list of all the needed parts, and then you order and buy all the pieces. Then you try to find someone to “do the work” of getting everything properly positioned and installed. You would think that this would be the easy part, right?
As it turns out, it’s kind of hard to find someone who wants to do the work. So, this friend of mine was telling me all about the project and about the trouble he was having in getting his stove installed. I told him that we would just do it ourselves, no big deal, all we have to do is cut a couple holes in his house and stick some pipe through the roof and then light a fire. Well as it happens, there is a lot more to it and it is a pretty good bit of work to get everything perfectly centered, sticking the pipe through the ceiling without hitting a roof truss and staying away from the insulations and getting enough height of the pipe to allow the draft to be just right. So, I watched a couple of You-Tube videos on how it all works and loaded up my tools and drove up there and spent the day getting this project completed, and it turned out that He and I did a pretty good job, and one that we were both proud to claim as our work. 
It seems to me that putting in a wood stove is a little like talking to others about coming to church, it’s something that needs to be done to ensure the livelihood of our church, at times it may make you uncomfortable when you think about failure (being rejected). Attending church, social events and bible study helps us identify all the parts that are really important, and we have a pretty good idea about what the end result needs to be.  I’m sure many of us are able to see some similarities between the two, but you can also trust in God that the outcome will be fruitful if we do our part and put in the work... God has already provided the gifts (Talent) and it’s up to us to make the Time to get it done!
The Personnel Committee is following up and will be completing the review of our staff employees during the month. It’s been a great year and we are looking forward to 2019.
If anyone has any comments or questions concerning the staff, Please feel free to contact me directly. If you happen to miss me at church, Please share any positive comments or learning opportunities for our group at [email protected] or leave me a message in the personnel box in the church office.
Thank You all, 
                                                                                       John Lowe