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Recently your Cemetery Sub-committee received a request from two members of the church congregation to consider the future construction and installation of a small columbarium to be placed within the cemetery to offer an alternate interment method for cremations in addition to traditional in-ground burial.  Your Sub-committee members and Session are very interested in additional comments from our members to this proposal.  Any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas are appreciated and can be shared with any member of the Cemetery Sub-Committee or Session.  Thanks in advance - we look forward to hearing from YOU!

Frank Thomason, Chair
Cemetery Sub-Committee




Greetings from your Cemetery Sub-committee.  Our group is part of the Building and Grounds Committee, and is responsible for general oversight of the portion of our Church property that contains our current cemetery and the cemetery annex field to the north end of our property.  We typically meet quarterly or as needs arise and take care of various items such as requests for purchase or assignment of burial plots, forward grounds upkeep requests to the full Building & Grounds Committee, maintain and execute the Church’s Cemetery Policy, act as a liaison with area funeral homes to provide church policy, and identify boundaries for individual grave sites for burial preparation.  The full subcommittee consists currently of 6 seated members of the church appointed by the Church Session: Joe Grant, Heath Hager, Donna Lowe, Toby Morgan, Tony Hager Sr., Frank Thomason, and one ad-hoc member:  Tim Overcash.  Four of the seated members serve staggered eight year terms.  The remaining two are non-expiring terms filled by the Church Secretary and Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee.  Our Sub-committee members take great pride in serving as stewards of the cemetery property to help maintain not only its appearance, but its historical significance as well.   Did you know that our church receives several inquiries each year from the public requesting help in conducting family history or genealogical research?  Each one is handled by the members of the Cemetery Sub-committee and assistance is given in different forms, sometimes printed confirmations and photographs of burial sites or also to arrange site visits by individuals as needed or requested.  Suggestions or questions from our congregation are always needed and welcomed!  Feel free to contact any member of our Sub-committee at any time, we are happy to help.

Frank Thomason, Chair
Cemetery Sub-Committee

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