Christian Education

Franklin Presbyterian Church
Youth Class Volunteer Guidance Document
This guidance document provides direction for Youth Class Volunteers in understanding opportunities to assist the Youth Director during Sunday School and Children’s Church each Sunday.
Some volunteers wish to assist in teaching the youth. Others want to assist in non-teaching roles. Opportunities are open for all who wish to assist with youth, and help them in their walk with God, through learning, Bible Study and related activities. In addition, all volunteers help Franklin Presbyterian Church meet the Safe Sanctuary requirements of having two adults with the children.
Volunteers are scheduled each week on a rotating basis, depending on the number of volunteers. Some volunteers seek certain dates; others have no preference. All are asked to work with the Youth Director to find the most convenient date/s for everyone’s schedules.
Once the schedule is made, the volunteer’s name will be posted in the Beacon and in the weekly bulletin. It will be the responsibility of the volunteer remain aware of the schedule and to arrive on time prepared to spend time with these wonderful children.
Volunteers should arrive by 8:45 a.m. to assist with Sunday School and remain during the Church service. Volunteers and the Youth Director will work together to determine the appropriate levels of volunteer help, be it teaching or otherwise.
Here are a few specifics regarding our process: 
Volunteers will be scheduled based on their interest to assist on specific dates or on random dates (should their schedule allow).
Lesson plans will be placed in the Church Office mail box by the Sunday preceding the Sunday you are scheduled to volunteer.
Visit the church office and take your lesson plan copy home. Study the your designated.  While you may not be teaching, you will find the lesson plan useful in understanding the information shared with the children
The photo (left) is where you’ll find your class specific information (directly above the copier in the church office).
Lesson plan will have a specific area that identified for those desiring a teaching role. IF you ask to teach, study the material and be prepared.
The teacher will be responsible for teaching the lesson and the “Helper” will keep an eye on the children, helping keep order, if necessary.
Either the Youth Director or the Volunteer will remain down stairs during the beginning of the church service and prepare drinks and snacks for the children. The children will come down stairs after the children’s time with the Pastor.
[Text Box: It’s that easy: We need willing volunteers who enjoy working with the youth to teach or just Help! The youth director will be flexible in scheduling to make sure the youth and you get the most out of this experience!]
NOTE – If no one shows up to assist the Youth Director, and we do not have two adults
            To assist with the youth, we will have to keep the children upstairs to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Safe Sanctuary Policy.