Greetings from Building & Grounds

Hope all is going well with all in our church family and no one has floated away from all the rain that we have been having lately.
Spring is on the way, flowers are blooming the temperature is warming up so don't miss out on your chance to sign up for the mowing list. There is no better way to experience the beauty of spring than from atop a riding mower.  Last year, we filled all but 3 slots.  Let’s set a record this year by filling all slots before the mowing begins!
Here are a few things we are working on:
We continue to clean up the trail where the tree across it.
We are working on painting in the hallway and doors. If you would like to help, let me know and we'll find a place on the team for you!
If there is anything that needs to be brought to my attention concerning building and grounds please let me know.  Thanks for your help and support.
 Heath Hager B&G
& Tony Hager Sr.