Youth News
"Just like the owl spreads his wings; 
We can spread God's word!"

Studies have shown that only 3%-11% of Christians have read the entire Bible.
You can be proud of our youth because they are among that percentage.
The youth will now continue this Bible Study by delving more deeply into biblical topics.
Wouldn’t it be great if 100% of our members followed the lead of our children and read the entire Bible.


Sunday Morning  Schedule

9:00am - 10:00am Sunday School
10:00am - 10:30am Fellowship 
10:30am - 11:30am Worship

Nursery provided

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Youth News

Our Sunday school for  Children & Adults  starts at 9:00 am with excellent teachers who are well prepared and who engage participants. We seek to understand God's message in Scripture for how we are to live the Christian life.

Upcoming Events

VBS- June 24th-28th.
The theme is Shipwrecked.
It will be located at Enon Baptist.
We need volunteers, if you can help any please let me know, or sign up on the sign-up sheet.

  1. 1st Sunday
    Grace & Mahaley
  2. 2nd Sunday
    Sophia & Mahaley
  3. 3rd Sunday
    *Nancy & Kelly
  4. 4th Sunday
    Elizabeth & Mahaley
  5. 5th Sunday
    Sunday School Only-
Lesson Plan
  1. 5/6/2018
    Jeremiah 18:6
  2. 5/13/2018
    1 Kings 3:3-15, 28
  3. 5/20/2018
    Acts 6:8-7, 54-60
  4. 5/27/2018
    Daniel 1:1-20