News & Info

June Elder … Susan Wilkey
   Greeter: Joyce Grant
   3   Tom Pickett
  10   Doug Foxworth
  17   John Singleton
  24   Toby Morgan
Psalm Readers:
  3   Jan Hollis
 10   Belle Jarvis
 17   Cindy Grant
 24   Ben Hager

Lay Readers:
 3   John Singleton     Eden Hager   
10   Frank Thomason   Joe Sheets
17   Lee Jarvis         Julie Hager
24   Andy Gardner      Tom Pickett       
Money Counter – Joe Sheets                                      


   “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead."

― Oscar Wilde



Stewardship and Finance

Greetings members and friends of FPC.  I am excited and pleased to announce our Stewardship & Finance Committee members i.e. John Lowe, Tom Pickett, Kevin McNeely and Toby Morgan.  I feel confident that this group, along with support of the session and congregation, will do everything necessary to keep our House of Worship funded going forward.
Our member contributions often times fall short of budget needs.  We want to encourage you to consider this in your commitment to the church.  We are also working on a number of potential projects to assist in filling that gap. 
Together, through prayer and dedication, I believe we will be able to actively reach out beyond our walls by simply applying our church mission statement to our daily walk in Christ.
Our church pledges to:
Grow in faith and commitment through the Holy Spirit
Reach out to others in Jesus Christ
Send out the message of God’s love to all
These are powerful statements and with the right focus, will enable us to prosper as a church family.  Our personal growth with Jesus Christ is surely dependent on this pledge.
Please submit suggestions you may have to any of our committee members. Thanks to all for your continued support.  


Purpose of the Committee: Realizing the present economic environment, it is clear that “traditional” ways of financially supporting congregational programs, activities and even staff (ie. Offerings) may be insufficient. In order to do the work that our Lord has for us to do as the church of Jesus Christ, it is necessary to find creative ways to augment our congregational giving. This may come in the forms of fund raising projects, special gatherings to encourage support, or other unique ways to ensure that we have the resources to serve our Lord in this place. This committee is given the task to discover, develop, plan and implement these new ways to get the job done.