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Our Committee is assisting the Youth in their second fundraiser of the year. Please help us in supporting and nurturing our Youth by attending the Potato and salad bar on Sunday, march 18th in the Fellowship Hall right after Worship.
See you there,

Sue Wilkey,
Christian Nurture Committee Chair
Women of the Church –

Officers for 2018:
Co-Moderator-Audrey Smith
Co-Moderator-Bonnie Williams
Secretary-Grace Lowe
Treasurer-Doris Mowery
Historian-Jan Hollis
Mission-Joyce Grant
Search Committee Evelyn Schaffer
Social Concerns –Nurture – Sue

They will be installed by Rev. Elam on Sunday, February 4th, 2018.

Our get well and thinking of cards will change by getting members to sign them.

We will work to help the Nurture Committee when needed.

WOC lessons will be on video taught by Audrey.

Meals-on-Wheels will be on the fifth Thursday in – March, May, August and November.

We asked for used suit cases to be used at Barium Springs, you came forth with about 18 bags. Also you helped generously with the needs for the Battered Women’s Shelter. We will continue to let you know what is needed there. You are very thoughtful and generous with their needs and we thank you.

February looks like a busy month and the ladies will be willing to pitch in and help, just ask us.

We have received several thank you notes for the baskets we sent to the shut-ins.